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Over the past 10 years, neuroscience has helped us discover that buyers do not make rational decisions when purchasing technology. Most technology purchases are driven by emotions—fear of falling behind competitors, inability to forecast accurately, fear of losing customers or being hacked, and so on.

Buyers want to know that you understand their unique business needs. More and more, they are self-educating online and remaining anonymous, so traditional outbound product messaging is no longer effective in grabbing their attention.

This intense and content rich two-day workshop will help you increase engagement and accelerate your customer acquisition cycle. This workshop will help you transition from dated, tradition marketing methods and instead help you gain the attention and interest of the new cloud buyer. 

Tech marketers who implement our best practices—which are all anchored in the teachings of neuromarketing, behavioral economics, and more—can triple their monthly leads and increase the quality and conversion rates of the leads that they do get.

During this workshop you will learn how to:​


  • Optimize your customer acquisition and sales process ​

  • Ensure you have a compelling value proposition & sustainable differentiation​

  • Accelerate customer acquisition and increase online conversion​

  • Aligning your marketing strategies and tactics to align with Buyer 2.0 behavior and expectations​

  • Leverage proven neuromarketing and persuasion psychology tactics to develop emotionally engaging marketing messaging, communications and assets​

  • Develop “tribal” messaging that leads to higher conversion rates ​

  • Leverage emotions to increase attention and engagement ​

  • Maximize online visual stimulation – screen shots, video best practices, effective imagery​

  • Build trust and credibility online​

  • Learn the importance of video​

  • Persona driven marketing​

  • Leverage scarcity and desire to increase online engagement and conversion ​

  • Understand the importance of a vertical go to market strategy ​

  • and more….

Speaker Bio:

Sharka Chobot is the creator of the CRM product category and Chief Transformation Officer at Neural Impact. Sharka is a professor of marketing and behavioral science and applies the latest advances in neuroscience to help technology solution providers such as Microsoft and its eco system of partners optimize their product development strategy and accelerate their customer acquisition processes.



Digital Marketing Engagement Workshop 

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Digital Marketing Engagement Workshop


October 22-23, 2019

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Price: $985.00 USD


Willows Lodge

14580 NE 145th Street

Woodinville, WA


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